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real results in 12 weeks with our accelerated business model programs.  we are focused on helping our clients through the entire innovation journey and we are there to support you from idea all the way through operational execution

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we are a group of business innovation and start up fanatics.  our team consists of industry experts with deep domain expertise to serial entrepreneurs that have a passion to help companies and people reach their potential.   our diverse background and relentless drive gives us a unique perspective on every client opportunity.

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Accelerated Innovation

Accelerated Innovation Strategy Framework *

Innovation Sprints - Rapid Business Model Design

Disruptive Models

Digital Transformation

Rapid Execution - Market Launch, Test, and Scale

Special Programs

To Be or Not To Be - Intrapreneurship or Venture investing

Accelerate - Be your own Corporate Accelerator

Corporate Hackathons

Outside-in Challenges

Corporate Innovation Days

Training Programs

Design thinking

Innovation and Creativity

Rapid Execution - Lean Startup and Bootstrapping

Business Model Innovation

Pitching and Selling internally

Talent Development Program


Boot camps

Leadership programs

Management programs

Young graduate programs

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