our clients

our clients like our consultants represent a wide variety of industries and regions.  our client portfolio is made up of world class large enterprises to bootstrapped start ups all pursuing growth through innovation

because innovation is about co-creation our consultants cross industries to provide insight and ideas that can foster and accelerate the innovation process

Our People

client innovation center

In spring of 2016 we opened our world class client innovation center in Vancouver, Canada.   Our idea was to create an environment where clients and teams can rapidly bring ideas to life faster than ever thought possible.

At the client innovation center we are pushing the boundaries of business model and technology applications to keep ourselves and our clients in front of the competition

our companies and partners we adore

endeavor consulting group - our parent company.  lucky we have cool parents

iSSi - (integration solution services inc) - our technology innovation group.  transforming our tech related ideas into amazing solutions

pangaea - our products and where our developers hang out

my food chain - our favorite partner of all time...Bruce and Dave will change your business and your life

strategyzer - open innovation framework for everyone